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What are the cancellation policy for paid activities and tours?

Each activity and/or tour is subjected to a different type of cancelation or return policies, all will be highlighted at the steps as you book your ticket with us


Are my personal and card details safe?

Yes, of course! The minimal amount of personal details we require to have you onboard is stored safely, never shared or sold with any 3rd parties just like our privacy policy states, for the payment and card info, we have partnered with PayFort.com, an amazon company with one of the best security system in the world to handle your payment and card details


Is myTourisma an actual company or just an App?

myTourisma is a product of Virtual Dusk, an actual company with multiple products with a headquarter in Dubai.


Are memberships free at myTourisma?

Yes, please feel free to sign up, we do not and will never charge for a membership


I have a problem, who do I call or contact??

We are here to help you, you can email info@mytourisma.com or shadi@mytourisma.com or call us on +971 4 5579200, phone support is 24/7



 If you have any more questions please contact us