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Al Bidyah Mosque

The Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest house of worship in the United Arab Emirates and is a popular stopping off place for residents and tourists. With several engineering and architectural features that are a major accomplishment for the era during which it was built. Its distinctive roof with its four pointed domes is supported by an internal pillar and is unusual for religious architecture in the region. The mosque consists of a prayer hall decorated with arches and featuring ventilation openings. A central pillar divides the internal space into four squares of similar dimensions, covered by domed ceilings.

Category: Religious Places

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1000 year old mosque

A mosque, believed to be 1,000 years old, has highlighted what the UAE was like when the religion of Islam came to its shores. This was a period of time which ushered in a wave of change across the area that is now known as the UAE. The new religion brought with it a set of values and beliefs that have since defined the history of the country. Archeologists from the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) are continuing to make discoveries that shed new light on the history of the country as Islam made its way into it.

Category: Religious Places

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The Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque is a mosque in Dubai City. It is said that it is the most photographed mosque in all of Dubai. Organized tours are available for non-Muslims. Construction began in 1976; the mosque is built in traditional Fatimid style. The Jumeirah Mosque, which is large enough to hold up to 1,200 worshipers, was built entirely from white stone in the medieval Fatimid tradition, with towering twin minarets framing a large central dome. When it's lit up at dusk, the intricate artistry and true beauty are highlighted.

Category: Religious Places

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Al Badiyah Mosque

Considered the oldest mosque in the UAE, this curvaceous, squat mud-brick structure dates to 1446; it's adorned with four pointed domes and rests on a single internal pillar. Badiyah (also spelt Bidyah and Bidiya), 8km north of Khor Fakkan, is famous for this bijou structure. Non-Muslims are free to enter but must be modestly dressed and remove their shoes; women must also cover their hair. Headscarfs and abayas (a robe-like dress worn by women) can be borrowed from the attendant.

Category: Religious Places

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