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Working Hours

Sunday 08:30 - 20:30
Monday 08:30 - 20:30
Tuesday 08:30 - 20:30
Wednesday 08:30 - 20:30
Thursday 08:30 - 20:30
Friday 14:30 - 20:30
Saturday 08:30 - 20:30

October 11, 2018
101 days ago

Very informative. Interesting facts about Dubai. Really good. I was very happy with the information and displays.
October 2, 2018
110 days ago

Very interesting place that you should definitely visit, most especially if you love history and the arab culture. I myself enjoyed the place and it's really well maintained.
September 30, 2018
112 days ago

One of the stops on the Hop on/off bus tour. We were offered free entry by our bus driver. Interesting to learn the history of the area and how growth came about very rapidly. The many displays give a good idea of what life was like in the past. Worth a visit when in Dubai.
September 29, 2018
113 days ago

موقع سياحي ويعتبر معلم من معالم دبي يقع بقربه من السوق القديم وتحيط به المحلات التجاريه وعلى مقربه من شارع السيف الحديث .. كما تستطيع تجربه العبره .. البحرية للتنقل بين منطقة بردبي التي بها المتحف ومنطقة ديرة من الجهه الاخرى
September 29, 2018
113 days ago

This museum is so well done. We didn't even intend on going inside but we had free tickets from the hop on hop off bus. It was absolutely worth a visit and makes you feel like you're stepping back in time.
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